Extra Curricular Activities

According to Mahatma Gandhi , “ By Education” I mean an all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body , mind and spirit . “ All rounder is the theme of modern education which recognizes that a child comes to school for mental , physical , social , spiritual and vocational education. On the basis of this concept our institution Narmada High School organizes various types of extra – curricular activities through out the year. Students get the opportunity to participate in different types of activities like sport, music, dance, drama, art, science etc. They like to take part in different types of personal development programs such as Elocution competition, Quiz competition, Drawing competition, Chess competition. Science and Craft exhibitions, Board decoration, productive work programmes, Wall painting etc. This kind of activities provide lots of fun and enjoyment which help them gain new skills, learn to socialize, gain confidence leadership ability and many more their interest to.

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