Nursery & Junior Section

The parents of today are more concerned than ever about their child’s future. Pre-schooling is no more considered a luxury but as the foundation of a child’s education. Therefore, it is vital to find a proper Junior / Nursery school for your child.

The choice and criteria to rate a preschool as a “best school” varies from parents to parents. The fee structure, infrastructure, value for money, curriculum, accessibility, timing, teacher-student ratio, hygiene, personal attention etc. are of the parameters. Narmada excels in all these areas and becomes the most obvious choice for discerning parents who are trying to give the best education to their child.

Secondary Section

The school curriculum for most schools in West Bengal guide students only on Board pattern exams. The teaching pattern exams. The teaching patterns is theory oriented, based exclusively on Board syllabus. Therefore, the students are hardly ware about the norms and pattern of any Competitive exams, which is conceptual and application-based.

Narmada aims to strengthen the fundamentals of basic science of its students. It prepares them right from class Vll through a unique curriculum, combining the Board curriculum with basics of science subjects for national level exams like Olympiads, NTSE and other Engineering and Medical Entrance exams.